What is DJ Trivia

A new kind of game has come to bars and restaurants in Syracuse
Ithaca and  through out the Finger Lakes!

DJ Trivia is here!

DJ Trivia is a multimedia game show – think Jeopardy, not the SAT exam.
Various categories for every question – so all useless knowledge is valuable
Questions and answers are on-screen – no repeating questions (or answers) again and again and again and again…..
A fast-paced, challenging game – computerized scoring moves the game along, no waiting for the trivia host to “grade your paper”
Upbeat musical interludes keep the energy up – includes Top 40 and the classics and sometimes the music may contain clues to the answer – or not – you figure it out
Extras like Double Down Dare and Do or Die Dare make things interesting AND (unlike some other games) keep you in the game and playing until the very end
Some questions are visual (maps, photos, etc.) – keeping you engaged and the game interactive
An on-screen scoreboard – updated after every question so you can keep track of your score AND your competitors

Paradise Entertainment is the exclusive affiliate for DJ Trivia in central New York. Cities include Syracuse, Ithaca,Cortland, Auburn, Geneva, Canandaigua, Watkins Glen, Newark, Seneca Falls, Farmington, Penn Yan, Newark and Victor.

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